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Productivity, Compliance and Financial Performance.

Support and Training


The team at AnalyticsRx not only builds relationships between your datasets, departments, modalities, and settings, we offer support services 24/7 via phone or email. We work with all EHR/EMR programs and offer a free consultation to review your requirements, how data will be pulled in, and more.

AnalyticsRx clients can avail themselves of our support services at no charge.

  1. Comparative Performance Analysis with Return-On Investment versus Best-in-Class Providers
  2. Data Discovery Process Consulting Support
  3. Client may attend in-person or web-user group meetings
  4. Unlimited Telephone and Email Support
  5. Pro Bono Grant Writing
  6. Flexible Budgeting

Grant Funding


AnalyticsRx has secured over $1.5 million in grants to help underwrite behavioral health organizations’ investments by documenting the benefits and bundling our proven business analytic solutions, program assessments, and provider capital investments.Thanks to these foundations, among many others: