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AnalyticsRx is the premier Behavioral Health data analytics solution in the US.


Over the past six years, we have consulted with numerous behavioral health providers conducting assessments of more than 20 programs across these organizations. AnalyticsRx was born out of these assessments, the implementation of successful best practices and the need to integrate and
automate behavioral health analytics. This long-term collaboration continues with our on-going enhancements, new dashboard development and the formation in 2019 of our Peer-to-Peer Benchmarking Solution Groups.

Our company is thrilled to be helping our customers in such a meaningful way build their clinician capacity to see more at-risk children and adults while growing their revenues.

Steve Blaney
Founder and CEO

Designing an Innovative Behavioral Health Business Model


One Set of Books

General Ledger and Payroll Integration

  • Unit Costing
  • Dynamic Forecasting
    1. Workday Productivity Levels X Remaining Capacity


Top-Down and Bottom-Up Accountability

  • Aligned Responsibility & Authority
  • On-Going Capacity Building Improvement

Peer-to-Peer Benchmarking

Apples-to-Apples KPI Comparisons

  • Attainable Goals by Program, Team and Position

Real-Time Results

Meet Mission and Margin

  • Enhanced Outcomes and Case Quality
  • Increased Consumer Engagement
  • Improved Sustainability

Great Solutions Competition Semi-finalist


Impactful Technology

This competition is targeting entrepreneurs, researchers, startups and existing companies in southwestern Pennsylvania that have developed a prototype, an existing product or service that can support nonprofits in how they operate or better serve vulnerable populations. In this competition, we are looking for innovations that can make a difference within 18 months.

The business of behavioral health is built on relationships – most of them life-changing and life-saving. Take advantage of the power of AnalyticsRx to manage and strengthen these valuable relationships and your bottom line.