Optimized EHR, Outcome and Financial Business Intelligence for Behavioral Health and Social Service Organizations

Putting Data to Work


AnalyticsRx was built upon more than 35 years of consulting and broad industry experience to integrate behavioral health best practices into a customized, action-enabled, cloud-based software solution. In this compliance-driven, pay-for-performance and regulatory environment, the behavioral health industry needs a trusted ally like AnalyticsRx. Improve efficiencies and quality outcomes – and ensure the health of your bottom line today.

Why Customers Choose AnalyticsRx


Rapid Deployment

  1. 2 Day Deployment (Scalable by Program & Location)
  2. 12 – 24 Months EHR Data Import
  3. Program and User Dashboard Selection
  4. User Security Assignment

Secure Mobile Access

  1. Unlimited Concurrent Users
  2. Software as a Service (SaaS)
  3. Secure Access and Data Encryption
  4. HIPAA/HITECH Certified

Simple To Customize

  1. Program Location Roll- Up Configuration
  2. Program, Goals and Target Setting
  3. Position & Team Assignments

Free Consulting Support

  1. Free Program Peer-to-Peer Comparative Analysis
  2. Free Coaching and User Group Participation
  3. Free Set-Up, Training & Support

AnalyticsRx | Everything to Gain


Improve outcomes. Increase service delivery. Reduce compliance risk. Achieve greater success. These are more than promises – AnalyticsRx delivers. See for yourself.

Meeting Mission and Margin


Business intelligence management tools can drive performance improvement by addressing workflows, building capacity, and increasing productivity to serve more at-risk children and adults with the same resources.

The Results Speak for Themselves


“EHR has revolutionized our industry; however, they weren’t designed to extract data in a meaningful way in regard to performance, compliance and benchmarking. With AnalyticsRx, this information is easily accessible to all staff members at the click of a mouse.”

— Scott Douglass,
Director of Quality,

“We experienced a 44% reduction in outpatient losses in the first year of applying AnalyticsRx best practices.”

— Frances Sheedy Bost,
Executive Director,
TCV Community Services

“Our underperforming fee-for-service programs had to change. We needed new tools to excel. One year after implementation of AnalyticsRx, our results are at a level way beyond our wildest expectations.”

— Stephen Christian-Michaels,
CEO, Family Services of
Western Pennsylvania

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