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Introducing Performance Manager – the first and only quantitative-based performance management software system guaranteed to improve your bottom line. Performance Manager takes the guesswork out of HR and gives you a powerful tool to effectively deploy, manage, and incentivize your team, eliminating bias and soft performance measures. Performance Manager is a standalone program, or interfaces and enhances our powerful AnalyticsRx behavioral health analytics solution.

Why Customers Choose Performance Manager


Fact Based

Design Objective Evaluations

  1. KPI’s Customized by Position
  2. Weighted KPI Success Criteria


KPI’s Automatically Tabulated by Period

  1. Outcomes
  2. Quality
  3. Productivity
  4. Financial
  5. Compliance


Easy KPI Scoring

  1. Complete Individual Evaluations in minutes
  2. Incorporates Supervisor and Employee Evaluation Sign-Off’s


Quantifiable and Comparative Evaluations

  1. Manage by Program Performance Standards
  2. Reward and Showcase Top Performers
  3. Coach-up Poor Performers to Performance Standards

AnalyticsRx | Everything to Gain


Improve outcomes. Increase service delivery. Reduce compliance risk. Achieve greater success. These are more than promises – AnalyticsRx delivers. See for yourself.

What People Are Saying


Traditional performance management systems are typically driven by personal or corporate values. Performance Manager is driven by the organization’s bottom line. That’s the difference.

— David J. Baker, SPHR,
Founder/President/Managing Director &
CEO, Human Capital Advisors