Cloud Data Integration

Rapidly Integrate & Harmonize Data Silos

Data Silo Integration


Organizations spend massive amounts of time manufacturing incongruent and latent reporting, from a variety of sources, that lead to suboptimal decision making.

Act on Predictive and Insightful Trends


Integrate your disparate information technology systems and applications such as EHR / EMR, Outcomes, General Ledger (GL), Payroll, Government and Ad Hoc data into a single cloud-based business intelligence warehouse.


General Ledger by Revenue Unit

Period / YTD

  1. Actuals
  2. Budget

Payroll by Revenue Unit / Staff

Period / YTD

  1. Total Hours
  2. PTO
  3. Other Pay
  4. Salary

Government Services

  1. Access Standards
  2. Consumer Demographics
  3. Primary & Secondary Diagnosis

Ad Hoc

  1. Excel / CSV
  2. Assessments / Surveys
  3. Forms
  4. Benchmarks

AnalyticsRx enables effective and efficient data sharing to attain
large-scale operational efficiencies and to improve outcomes for those you serve.

Allegheny County Consolidated Community Reporting Initiative (CCRI)


Eliminate Payment Delays with Payer Demographics Automation


Actively manage your EHR demographics to County standards and eliminate claim payment rejections.


You can easily – and cost effectively – integrate and upload your CCRI and Client Information and Payment System (CIPS) data to the Department of Human Services using AnalyticsRx. Not sure where to get started? Contact us, and we will facilitate a free CCRI and CIPS EHR systems analysis.