At Last, Effective and Affordable Real-Time Benchmarking

For Behavioral Health, D&A, and IDD Providers

In the absence of a context, data is simply a bunch of numbers. Benchmarking provides that vital context that transforms static numbers into actionable information.


Peer-to-Peer Benchmarking is an industry-first technology solution that compares you to your peers and identifies program performance gaps in Outcomes, Profitability, Productivity and Compliance.

This powerful business intelligence tool, designed specifically for the Behavioral Health industry, helps organizations gauge their clinical, operational and financial performance against other similar organizations and addresses one of the primary drivers for managed care: value-based care.

Our benchmarking cohort has saved organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars employing best practices.

Why Customers Use AnalyticsRx Benchmarking


Automated KPI's

Meta Data Processing

  1. Parallel Tracking of Outcomes, Quality, Productivity, and Financial KPI’s
  2. Program, Location, Team and Position
  3. Activity Mapping
  4. Full Time, Casual, & Part-Time Staff (by Workday)

Rapid Deployment

*No Cost Two Day Deployment

  1. EHR Data Pull (12 – 24Months)
  2. General Ledger & Payroll Uploads
  3. Program Goals and Target Setting
  4. User Security Assignment
  5. Program and User Dashboard Selection

Real-Time Benchmarking

Straightforward Performance Comparisons


  1. By Program. Location, Team, and Position


  1. Best-in-Class

Best Practices

Improve Mission and Margin

  1. Uncover Performance Gaps
  2. Discover Best Practices
  3. Implement Best Practices
  4. Compare Ongoing Performance to Best-in-Class

Jumpstart Your Continuous Improvement Plan with Automated Benchmarking Processes


AnalyticsRx takes benchmarking practices and automation to an entirely new level by integrating data mining across peer groups and applying consistent business rules and data models that assimilate best practice apples-to-apples comparisons.

AnalyticsRx can solve the following limiting benchmarking issues:

  • Parallel Tracking of Clinical, Operational, Financial, and Organizational Climate Benchmarking
  • Automation of Data Mining and Data Validation Processes
  • Rapid Addition of New Benchmarking Providers
  • Integration of Qualitative KPI’s
  • Uniform Adherence to KPI Standards
  • Real-Time KPI Sharing
  • Peer Program View
  1.     Outcomes/Quality View
  2.      Productivity View
  3.      Compliance View
  4.       Financial View
  • Drill-Down KPI’s that identify shortfalls and best-in-class
    performance levels

About Benchmarking

Benchmarking is a mechanism that drives continual improvements by measuring performance and evaluating progress towards goals and is critical to developing successful sustainable programs.

  • Allows comparisons across multiple performance areas
  • Helps organizations become more data-driven by providing valid, external metrics for comparing performance
  • Supports identification of organizational strengths, while also highlighting areas in need of improvement
  • Includes critical clinical, operational and financial performance metrics across all aspects of organizations

In 2018, Milestone Centers received a grant from Richard King Mellon Foundation to provide automated Provider-to-Provider benchmarking for Behavioral Health, D&A and IDD providers. Milestone has hired AnalyticsRx to develop and deploy an efficient, real-time and automated comparative benchmarking process to facilitate collaborative learning and improve performance. Provider-to-Provider Benchmarking is an industry-first technology solution that compares you to your peers and identifies program performance gaps in Outcomes, Profitability, Productivity and Compliance.

This free offer is limited to the first five providers selected by program (IDD, Intake, Outpatient, Case Management, and Financial Outcomes followed by BHRSCA, D&A, Family Based, and Partial Hospitalization). A free AnalyticsRx subscription is included for providers using Qualifacts.


Benchmarking Subscription

Provider Solutions Groups


AnalyticsRx Provider Solution Groups are program specific where behavioral health organizations share performance levels and best- practices via facilitated, structured Web-based workshops. These workshops will clearly identify provider best-practice performance and facilitate the discovery process in the Outcomes/Quality, Profitability, Productivity, and Compliance domains.

The fact-based process produces a “double-loop learning process” that supports systematic organizational change. In this venue, “top performers” can be given the opportunity to discuss in detail the practices that have contributed to their success.

Structured provider program benchmarking workshops armed with comparative data and drill-down comparative analytics, will enable productive sharing of best-practices. This change management process enables high impact in a very short time cycle.


Participating providers must agree to the following ground rules:

  • Active Subscription to AnalyticsRx
  • Follow and Use Solutions Group KPI Standards
  • Openly Share Best Practices