Texting Automation

Engage Clients and Stakeholders via Convenient Text Messages

Pathway to Instant Engagement and Value-Based Care


Measure and improve client engagement outcomes and satisfaction, and evolve your organization’s culture to Value-Based Care with AnalyticsRx Texting Automation.

Our SMS technology aggregates EHR encounter data with engagement, outcome and satisfaction surveys by payer, program, clinician and client to produce powerful management and clinician dashboards and e-Reports.

Automation Meets Individualized Experience


Survey Engagement & Outcomes

  1. Tailored surveys and rating scales
  2. Automated post-appointment surveys rotated by response rate
  3. Dashboard and e-Reporting of payer, program, clinician survey results

Scheduled Reminders & Alerts

  1. Customizable texting template with variable data integration
  2. Texts automatically sent for preselected activities by program
  3. Dashboard-supported cancellations, confirmations, no-response statuses

Emergency Alerts & Mass Texting

  1. Mobile Interface
  2. Distribution list management
  3. Unlimited texting
  4. Rapid messaging

Get Their Attention

95% of text messages are opened and responded to within 3 minutes.

AnalyticsRx Texting Automation modernizes client access for better outcomes.

AnalyticsRx pays for itself when just 4 appointments are rescheduled per month.


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