Outcome Evaluator

Build and Integrate Customizable Outcomes, Quality and Compliance KPI’s

Data for Routine Outcome Measurement


Measuring outcomes in behavioral health is an extremely challenging process. Ease the pressure by utilizing evidence-based instruments, satisfaction surveys and customized assessments. Make outcomes simple, meaningful, and integrated into daily workflows, supervision sessions, and performance reviews with Outcome Evaluator. Outcome Evaluator is a standalone program, or interfaces and enhances our powerful behavioral health AnalyticsRx and Performance Manager solutions.

Why Customers Choose Outcome Evaluator



  1. Measure Consumer Treatment Session Engagement
  2. Measure Staff Engagement

Case Quality

  1. Proactively Audit Clinician Case and Compliance Quality
  2. Incorporate Case Reviews into Weekly Supervision Process


  1. Evaluate Consumer Satisfaction
  2. Evaluate Staff Satisfaction


  1. Integrate Outcomes and Case Quality KPI Scores into Performance Evaluations

AnalyticsRx & Outcome Evaluator | Everything to Gain


Improve outcomes. Increase service delivery. Reduce compliance risk. Achieve greater success. These are more than promises – AnalyticsRx and Outcome Evaluator delivers. See for yourself.

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