Fortune 500-level Consulting for Behavioral Health Providers

Fortune 500-level Consulting for Behavioral Health Providers

For more than 35 years, Steve Blaney, founder and president/CEO of AnalyticsRx, has helped a variety of health services providers thrive with exemplary bottom-line results. He is also founder of and principal consultant for where he’s helped many for- and non-profit organizations achieve success by working better, faster and smarter.



Formerly an award-winning consultant with Westinghouse, Steve has been applying best practices and analytics across a wide array of industries and incorporated them into AnalyticsRx. A customized/integrated, cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, action-enabled, behavioral health solution, AnalyticsRx pulls in data from all leading EHR/EMR programs. Steve also developed Performance Manager and Outcome Evaluator, which can be seamlessly used with AnalyticsRx or as standalone products.

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